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Sr. IoT Security Engineer at Crestron Electronics

Feb-2019 to Present, Bangalore, IN

  • Firmware security and Hardware Security.
  • Embedded application security and IoT mobile apps IoT Protocols Security Testing.
  • Secure boot testing and Reverse engineering.

  • Security Consultant at Aujas Networks Pvt Ltd

    Jun-2018 to Feb-2019, Bangalore, IN"

  • Firmware security and hardware security analysis to identify and mitigate potential threats.
  • Performed reverse engineering tasks to uncover vulnerabilities and enhance system security postures.
  • Handling IoT/OT projects, leading to improved security practices and protocols.
  • Conducted internal and external assessments of API, IoT devices, and hardware to ensure compliance with industry security standards.
  • Performed mobile application and web application penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities and recommend mitigation strategies.

  • Security Consultant at iSecurion Technology and Consulting Pvt Ltd

    Mar-2017 to Mar-2018

  • Conducted comprehensive security assessments across various platforms.
  • Developed and delivered detailed project reports and presentations.
  • Performed penetration testing in line with OWASP Top 10 for IoT, web, and mobile apps.

  • Independent Security Consulting at Freelancing

    Sep-2015 to Feb-2017

  • Specialized in pentesting IoT devices.
  • Managed VAPT projects for web, mobile, and network security.
  • Identified and addressed network security concerns for clients.

  • Security Engineer at Cartel Software Pvt Ltd

    Feb-2015 to Sep-2015

  • Provided ethical hacking training and risk assessment tools coordination.
  • Contributed to information security blogs with research and writing.
  • Supported multiple platforms and applications in a system administration role.

  • CVE


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